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Welcome to Exploring EdTech! At Exploring EdTech my mission is to provide you with helpful resources centered around leveraging technology in the classroom. Our mission is to provide content teachers and students can use immediately in the classroom. From blog posts, to videos, to podcasts, Exploring EdTech is here to help guide you on your journey of technology integration!


FETC 2020 Resources

Hello from sunny Miami, Florida! As I type this I am sitting in the Convention center getting ready for the 2020 FETC conference. This conference is my favorite large conference to attend and present at every year. Not only is it a welcome escape from the frigged temperatures of Northern Illinois, but the quality of sessions and networking opportunities that it provides is really second to none. FETC 2020 is my 4th time attending and presenting and I hope the streak continues for years to come. If you can't make it or are looking for the resources from a session of mine that you were unable to attend, I've included them here. Follow #FETC on Twitter to share in the learning! FETC Breakout Sessions Session 1 Lead With Courage: Creating Podcasts to Build Community Information sharing is vital to establishing and maintaining a positive classroom culture for students and families. Educational leaders work diligently to build and strengthen community relationships through targe

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