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Use Multiple Chrome Profiles to Separate Accounts

This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers.
As more schools adopt Google Apps For Education (GAFE), increasingly teachers and students are dealing with multiple Google Accounts - one for work/school and one for personal use. When this situation happens, we often want to keep our two worlds separate.  Google has a way to make this possible that is built into Chrome. Users can establish multiple Chrome profiles tied to specific Google accounts. As the Director of Technology in my school district, I often see teachers attempt to solve this problem by adding a second account by selecting their profile picture in Gmail and choosing “add an account.” While adding an account allows for switching between accounts without signing out of one and into another, it is not a great practice as your Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google services may become confused as to which account is tied to certain Google Apps. Your personalized settings are also not separated in this instance, me…

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